Reading, writing, speaking – back to basics

An important focus in Grade 12 University English is learning to use academic language correctly and confidently, and developing a sense of greater control in writing skills. It is mandatory for all students throughout high school to take an english course every year. But, the real question is: Should grade 12 University English be a requirement for entry into all university programs?

I feel as though it is essential for students to continue to better their reading and writing skills especially those who are going off to University or College after graduating High School. Learning how to master the skill of self expression and communication is crucial when entering into any University program, as it is important your reader’s/viewer’s are able to understand the topic being discussed.

In University, the environment is very fast paced unlike high school where there are teachers who continue to hold their students hands to a certain degree. The basics of reading, writing and speaking the english language could be considered the building blocks of any student entering into an english speaking university. If the high school student has a strong foundation, one would conclude that they have a better chance at being successful in university and in a future career.

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According to Dorothy Clark on, “English is about learning vocabulary, reading skills and comprehension of broad categories of written material, learning techniques to organize written, oral, and multi-media presentations to communicate with others, learning to conduct research and cite the materials to attribute references appropriately, and mastering the dominant language of business and science.” University courses will provide you with challenging topics and assignments, and being experienced and intelligent enough to pursue these are many reasons why english is important in University.

Knowing how to adapt as the assignments start to pile up and the material starts to become more difficult is necessary. Whether writing a final essay or preparing for a class presentation, Universities expect students to know how to properly format, cite all work, follow professional guidelines, formally structure all information, and provide all analyses’ with evidence. These are all examples of concepts students would not understand without grade 12 university english.

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Even without the interest of writing a novel or reading shakespeare, advancing your english skills will provide you with many future opportunities in your career. Starting off  with a strong base of reading, writing and speaking skills will only benefit you in being successful in life.  Now why wouldn’t you want that?


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